bizSAFE Level 3 Consultancy


Why should you get certified for bizSAFE Level 3?

bizSAFE Level 3 recognises that your company has conducted risk assessments for every work activity and process in your workplace, in compliance with the requirements in the WSH (Risk Management) Regulations.

How can my organisation achieve bizSAFE Level 3?

Your organisation can achieve bizSAFE Level 3 with GEMSAFE by taking these simple steps.

Step 1: Get bizSAFE Level 1 certified.

The registered Director in your ACRA should attend the 1/2 day bizSAFE Level 1 CEO/Top Management Course. Under special circumstances, your organisation may send a representative instead of the registered Director for the bizSAFE Level 1 course. However, please note that the representative must belong to the top 3 tiers of your organisational chart.

Step 2: Get bizSAFE Level 2 certified.

Your organisation should also send your functional heads for the 2-day bizSAFE Level 2 course on Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan. 

Step 3: Get bizSAFE Level 3 certified.

Your workplace should either do a full implementation of your organisation’s Risk Management plan (DIY) or engage a consultant to assist with the implementation. After that, your workplace needs to get a Risk Management Audit done by a SAC-Auditing Organisation (SAC-AO).

Let our Risk consultants guide you through the certification process for bizSAFE Level 3 today. 

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    Safety Assurance

    Ensuring Workplace Safety Building owners, architects, and designers can rely on Gemsafe to ensure workplace safety by applying rigorous safety codes and standards throughout the design and construction process.

    Efficiency Solutions

    Time and Cost Efficiency Gemsafe offers efficient solutions that not only meet design intentions but also save time and money during the implementation and construction phases.

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    Compliance with Building Codes We help clients comprehend and apply building codes, ensuring that their projects meet safety criteria and regulatory requirements.

    Qualified Personnel

    Panel of Qualified Safety Assessment Personnel Gemsafe provides access to a panel of qualified safety assessment personnel, ensuring that clients receive expert insights and guidance.

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    Early Involvement in the Design Process By enlisting our safety assessment personnel early in the design process, Gemsafe ensures that safety considerations are integrated from the start, leading to more effective and seamless project execution.

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    Fulfilling Your Safety Needs Gemsafe offers dedicated client support, providing consultations to understand and fulfill the unique safety needs of each client.

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