Fire Safety Manager Service Provider in Singapore


Fire Safety Manager Service Provider in Singapore

Gemsafe Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company that specializes in providing Fire Safety Manager (FSM) services. We offer both full-time and part-time FSM services. Moreover, we ensure comprehensive fire safety management consultancy in accordance with the Fire Safety Act, Fire Safety Manager Regulation, and SCDF guidelines. Our primary objective is to protect people’s lives and property from fire hazards through various means. Therefore, we assist building owners in the complete process of devising, implementing, and supervising fire safety plans.

FSMs play a vital role in ensuring and enhancing fire safety in buildings. They are responsible for fulfilling the functions and obligations outlined in the Fire Safety Act and the guidelines set by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

The Singapore Government has implemented the Fire Safety Manager (FSM) Scheme. It is specifically Important to ensure and improve fire safety in buildings. This scheme is mandatory for certain types of buildings and SCDF is regulating the scheme. These include commercial and industrial buildings, as well as buildings that meet certain height or occupancy load criteria. The FSM Scheme serves as a critical program aimed at bolstering fire safety measures in buildings throughout Singapore.

Roles of Gemsafe Fire Safety Manager (FSM)

The role of Gemsafe Fire Safety Managers (FSM) includes the following:

  • Conduct monthly fire safety inspections and create reports with recommendations for remedial measures and areas for improvement.
  • Create Emergency Response Teams (ERT), train ERT members, and implement plans.
  • Provide basic fire safety training to employees/occupants, including the in-house fire defense team (annual fire drills/tabletop exercises).
  • Obtain annual fire certification for the building and attend other fire safety-related regulatory/certification on behalf of organizations or agencies, such as MOM, SCDF, NEA, Insurance, and so on.
  • Communicate with the Fire Safety Standards Division (FSSD) about all fire safety issues on the premises and create a yearly report for the FSSD on behalf of building owners/managers.
  • Promote a fire safety awareness campaign for the building’s tenants.
  • Any other responsibilities assigned by SCDF.

Fire Safety Manager Services of Gemsafe Pte Ltd.

  • Fire risk assessments – to identify potential fire hazards and assess the level of risk in the building
  • Developing and implementing fire safety plans – to ensure that the building is equipped with adequate fire safety measures and procedures, such as fire alarms, sprinklers, emergency lighting, and evacuation plans.
  • Conducting fire drills and training – to ensure that building occupants know how to respond in case of a fire
  • Inspecting and maintaining fire safety equipment – to ensure that all fire safety equipment is in good working order and meets regulatory requirements
  • Providing fire safety advice and support – to help to building owners and managers stay up-to-date with the latest fire safety regulations and best practices.
  • Provides service to various building types – including industrial, commercial, residential and public buildings. We also work with government agencies, schools, hospitals, and other institutions.

The services provided by Gemsafe are to ensure the safety of building occupants and protect against the risk of fire. Building owners and managers should engage in our services as we are a reputable and experienced FSM services provider. We ensure that their building fully complies with fire safety regulations. Consequently, it ensures adequate measures to protect against fire risk.

Fire safety is a critical aspect of maintaining a safe and secure environment. Engaging a Fire Safety Manager service provider in Singapore ensures compliance with fire safety regulations, enhances emergency preparedness, and reduces the risk of fire incidents.

All things considered, Gemsafe is a proven company for skilled Full-time and Part-time Fire Safety Manager (FSM) Services Providers. To be compliant and safe, hire us as your trusted partner for fire safety management.

Our Values

Safety Assurance

Ensuring Workplace Safety Building owners, architects, and designers can rely on Gemsafe to ensure workplace safety by applying rigorous safety codes and standards throughout the design and construction process.

Efficiency Solutions

Time and Cost Efficiency Gemsafe offers efficient solutions that not only meet design intentions but also save time and money during the implementation and construction phases.

Code Compliance

Compliance with Building Codes We help clients comprehend and apply building codes, ensuring that their projects meet safety criteria and regulatory requirements.

Qualified Personnel

Panel of Qualified Safety Assessment Personnel Gemsafe provides access to a panel of qualified safety assessment personnel, ensuring that clients receive expert insights and guidance.

Early Design Engagement

Early Involvement in the Design Process By enlisting our safety assessment personnel early in the design process, Gemsafe ensures that safety considerations are integrated from the start, leading to more effective and seamless project execution.

Client Support

Fulfilling Your Safety Needs Gemsafe offers dedicated client support, providing consultations to understand and fulfill the unique safety needs of each client.

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